Lectio Divina


Is a method that has been used for centuries as a way of truly entering into richness of the Scriptures. There are many variations and different emphases but the basic method is very simple. What is most important is the attitude you bring to it: Most of all allow time, take it slowly, allow the words to sink in, don’t try to squeeze meaning from them, allow it to emerge, let God be in control, not you.

  • Read through the text you are going to pray to become basically familiar with it.
  • Allow yourself time to quieten down. Open yourself to God and invite God to speak to you
  • Read through the text slowly preferably out loud, or if on your own whisper. (Using your voice helps to slow you down and it also helps to hear the words.)
  • Read the piece again, more slowly this time. If any phrase strikes you, stay with it for a while, just letting it sink in.  If you have a general sense from the piece (peace, comfort, closeness, nostalgia, challenge, discomfort) – identify it and just stay with it.
  • Very gently ask yourself what God is saying to you in what has struck you and allow yourself to hear that and respond to that. It may be something within you or some area of your life or your relationships.
  • If you are in a group you might like to share the sense you have or the words that have struck you
  • Put into your own words a prayer expressing how your response to God (of how you feel, what you would like to do, what you have learned). This could take the form of intercessions in a group session.

Finish with a prayer of thanksgiving.

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