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Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, Mourne Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12 Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, Mourne Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12


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Posted on Fri, Jun 5, 2015




Sincere thanks to all who support the parish financially throughout the year. 

PARISH FINANCE COMMITTEE "Every parish is obliged to have its own Finance Committee which is separate from the Parish Pastoral Council.  The two, of course, should work together."  (Archbishop Martin.  November 2011.)

The current members of our Finance Committee are:  ChairMrs. Pat Clarke.   Secretary:  Mrs. Deirdre Anderson: Mrs. Kay Dayman,  Mr. Andy Murphy, Mr. Oliver Banks, Mr. Peter Burke  Ex-Officio Members: Fr. Dave Brannigan, Fr. Gerry Fleming

Like any institution the church needs an income in order to maintain a presence in the world, and more specifically in the local community.  Everyday expenses such as light and heat, salaries, repairs and maintenance, insurances etc must be met from the Parish financial resources. In addition we need an income to fund new initiatives in the parish and to allow the possibility of development in every area of parish life. WHERE DO THE SUNDAY COLLECTIONS GO?  As you are aware there are two collections at Sunday Mass in each parish of the Dublin Diocese. FIRST COLLECTION: The first collection goes to support the Archbishop, Bishops and Priests of the Diocese, both those serving in the parishes, other ministries, diocesan administration and the sick and retired Priests. In 2010 this collection fell by 6% and in 2011 by 9%, in 2013 by 4%. This reflects the changed financial circumstances of many in these recessionary times, and we appreciate your support. Christmas and Easter Dues Offerings form part of this fund and are paid directly to the Common Fund to assist in supporting the priests of the Diocese. SECOND COLLECTION: The second church collection goes to the Diocesan SHARE fund. This fund supports many of the central services of the Diocese as well as providing support to parishes unable to meet their own financial needs.

SO WHERE DOES THIS PARISH GET ITS INCOME?  The Parish income is derived from several sources: A. The weekly Family Offering envelope collection.  B. The income from church shrines (i.e. the excess remaining after the candles have been paid for.C. The Parish Lotto, sanctioned by the Finance Committee in 2011 to help offset the approximately 10% annual reduction in the Family Offering collection. D.  The Parish, in accord with Diocesan norms, receives a portion of the customary Offerings made on the occasion of Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals etc.  E.  The Parish receives occasional Bequests and voluntary offeringsPlease remember the needs of your Parish when making your Will. weekly envelope collection traditionally forms the backbone of parish income but increasingly less families in the parish are contributors. In many cases this is not down to an unwillingness to support the parish BUT rather a lack of area collectors.  However there is a growing number of people living in the parish who while not contributing to the support of the parish have every expectation that the parish will be at their disposal for key life moments. We encourage ALL in the parish to contribute to its upkeep. Every contribution, no matter how small eases the burden for all.  We urgently need new collectors in every area of the parish.  The commitment involved is to call to approximately  25 homes on a weekly or fortnightly basis to collect the envelopes. If you would be prepared to become a collector please contact the Parish Office. .If you are not presently a contributor to the envelope collection and would like to be, just contact the Parish Office and we will arrange a box of contribution envelopes.  If you would prefer to contribute to the Parish by Bankers order on a Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly or annual basis then we invite you to contact the Parish Office. Our committed Team of Counters along with the Parish Finance Committee and Parish Secretary ensures the recording and transmission of all money collected to the relevant accounts.  If there is no longer a collector on your road please place your weekly offering envelope in the safe in the centre of the church or in the collection basket.  



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